I’m walking on a dark street resembling Maple Street on the way to the bar TJ’s in New Orleans. There are many Live Oak trees (as I think they're called). I am alone, possibly drunk, while walking back to my dorm at Tulane University, where I just started my freshman year. There are marsupials in all of the trees, about the size of raccoons, but these are different. These were more like misshapen, grey lemurs. It was just me and these animals. It was incredibly eerie. All of a sudden I realize that I am not really a college student, but rather a rogue journalist of some sort. I am wearing a solid green safari shirt with the top half unbuttoned, and my trusty, worn backpack over my right shoulder. I sense that this scene I'm experiencing is one that has been experienced by very very few people before me. This was a rare spectacle, and I, alone on this street, was there to quietly observe it.

I walked past something on the sidewalk which looked kind of like a newborn rodent, wrinkled, fleshy, and pink, but the shape and size of a big pinecone. At first I thought it was dead, but upon my approach, it wriggled around and released a series of extremely loud, high pitched shrieks which sent all of the other animals into a frenzy. Some started racing all over the trees, some were wrestling each other on the street, and some were jumping up and down. And whatever they were doing, they were shrieking as well, and doing it in pairs. Always in pairs. As I walked past the baby, I went from the sidewalk down onto the street, and in doing so my sandals went from being on my feet to being in my backpack. I think they were Adidas sandals, not my Birkenstocks, even though I don’t own Adidas sandals. When I approached what would be Broadway, I stepped back onto the sidewalk, and took no more than 2 or 3 steps before I stepped on a needle. It was a very short needle. I looked down at my foot, and it was stuck into the bottom of it. I tried to scream, but nothing came out. The only other time this has happened in a dream of mine was when a man came in through my bedroom window, and I was going to fend him off with one of those wands filled with water and glitter, but he had a knife or a sword or something so I ran down the stairs trying to scream “help!”, but nothing came out. I then proceeded on my walk back home.

I got back to my dorm, but my family was there, at least both my parents and at least one of my brothers, I think it was Garth. And it was also not my dorm room. The room was straight out of the scene in the Family Guy episode that I'd watched earlier in the day when Stewie depicts his ideal life, with Louis as the throw rug in the center of the floor. There was no human rug in my dream, but the room in question otherwise looked very similar, especially the fire, only in my dream everything was very dim. I remember telling my parents that I stepped on a needle, and that I was really scared, and that my mom kept telling me it was fine and that she was pretty sure nothing was gonna happen to me. But when I actually pulled off my sock (which is weird because I was barefoot on the way back) and showed her my nondescript needle mark she got really worried too. My dad asked me what it said on the needle because “it always says what they’re for on a needle”. I said that I didn’t remember but that I knew where the needle I stepped on was and that we should go find it. At this point I was sobbing, saying just how seriously fucked up the whole situation was…

Across the hall from my dorm, where there would usually just be the other room of the suite, there was a hallway. In this hallway was an ambulance with its lights flashing. I asked my parents what’s going on, and I don’t think they answered me but I remember going to the back of the ambulance and seeing Nathan, one of my two best friends from home (he is at school in Maine, while my other best friend is here at Tulane) in there with an oxygen mask on, struggling to breathe. I asked somebody (I forget whom) if he was having an asthma attack, but I don’t think I got an answer. However, seeing Nathan in that state sparked a very hazy memory, in my dream, of how I had been in such a state myself earlier that night. I had a “dream memory”, for lack of a better phrase, of how I was in a large group of people at a house, and I was stumbling around gasping for air, hardly able to function. I remember that my personal experience intensified what was going on with Nathan. The ambulance doors shut and he was rushed to the hospital, I can only assume, via the halls in the building.

We are at something like a 7-11 or a Store 24. There is snack food, cameras/camera accessories, and newspapers. I am there with a couple friends, but I don’t think they are friends from real life. We are there maybe looking for medicine or something for me, because I think this is after the needle incident. My parents, and maybe brothers, are there too. I think I spent at least 2 hours looking at the different snack foods, which was weird because there were only a couple different things: some cookies that were either on top of the newspapers or on a newspaper stand, and some pastries and some gum/candy. My mom was talking on a cell phone to my cousin Rachel in Texas, asking her if she had gotten the pictures that I had taken of her at some important event, either a wedding or a graduation or something like that. My mom never mentioned her name, or told me that’s who she was talking to, I just knew, as in reality - I needed no reminder or hint, as in my mom saying her name in the conversation, I just knew that it was Rachel. Before I realize it everyone but me, my 2 unidentified friends, and the clerk were the only ones left in the store. The clerk says that he’s gonna have to ask us to leave pretty soon (it’s 2:50 in the morning – it’s an analog clock of course, as it is apparently impossible to read a digital clock in a dream), but it wasn’t because of the time, as I thought he was going to say, but “because you guys look kind of distracted”. “Distracted” seemed to be a euphemism for high. I was looking at a cake on the bottom shelf when he said this. I got up, looked around, and asked if my parents had gone and I think somebody nodded “yes”.

I am now in a place where there are lots of hills. It’s nighttime, and I am by a tall structure (maybe a radio tower like on Needham St. back home outside of Boston - I couldn’t tell, though, because I was at the base directly under it) with an elevator. It’s ok to ride the elevator down from the top as long as all the stops are made, but for some reason it’s not ok (possibly even illegal) to ride it up to the top without making any stops, and this is what one friend (one of the friends from the store) was pressuring me to do. A cop car drives slowly by, and I’m sketched out and don’t want to do it, but he is running and jumping all over the place and is really hyper, much like the lemurs from earlier in my dream, and wants to do it. I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but I could make out that he wanted to be at the top to jump off or something. In the end, I don’t think either of us did it.

Dreamed by
Lincoln Brody
Simian Dreams