The Yard Art Project

Art that makes you trespass.

Sell Your Art

Get your work noticed by art lovers looking for visionary pieces to transform their yards and gardens! We will create a personal sales gallery for your work and handle all the transaction processing on your behalf. Anytime your work is sold, we'll contact you immediately so you can arrange shipment to the buyer.

Our Fees

Our commission fees are just 10% of the sales price. There is no charge for creating your sales gallery or any other services. Unless your work sells, you won't be charged a cent.

What We Provide

  1. Prominent display of your work on this site via a personal sales gallery
  2. Processing of all sales transactions
  3. Immediate notification whenever your work is sold so you can arrange delivery
  4. Timely payment of all funds by check or electronic transfer, whichever you prefer
What You Provide
  1. Title, dimensions, and digital photos of each artwork you'd like to sell (3 to 6 photos is ideal)
  2. Information about the materials and medium in which each artwork was created
  3. The sales price of each artwork
  4. The shipping method you will be using (UPS is preferred)
  5. Shipping costs to charge for each artwork
  6. How many of each piece are available
  7. Timely updates on changes in your inventory so we don't sell work you don't have
  8. Timely shipping of each work that we sell on your behalf
Sound good? Then email us at with photos and details of the works you'd like us to sell. After reviewing your work we'll contact you and let you know whether it's a good fit for our sales program. If it is, we'll send you our standard sales agreement for you to sign, and once we've received your signed agreement, we'll create your personal gallery and begin selling your work!


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