The Yard Art Project

Art that makes you trespass.


Select a gallery below to view work by our featured artists:

Sculptures, Stonework and Mosaics by Carlo Pusateri, Austin, Texas

Cactus Ranch, Canoga Park, California

Bleeding Heart & Nymphea Sculptures by Laurence Panadero, Miami, Florida

Dinosaur, Waterbird, and Windmill Yard Art, Seattle, Washington

Marcia Donahue Gallery: Our Own Stuff Gallery-Garden, Berkeley, California

Mark Bulwinkle Gallery #1: Bulwinkleland, Oakland, California

Mark Bulwinkle Gallery #2: Our Own Stuff Gallery-Garden, Berkeley, California

Kim Merriman Gallery #1, Olympia, Washington

Kim Merriman Gallery #2, Olympia, Washington

Scott Melcher Gallery, Oakland, California

Pat Starzyk Gallery, Olympia, Washington

Jackie Stack Lagakos Gallery, Lindenwold, New Jersey

Charlie Clark Gallery, El Paso, Texas

The Dry Garden Nursery, Berkeley, California

Colette Crutcher Gallery, San Francisco, California

Tom Otterness Gallery, Near Bellevue, Idaho

Smiley Creek Lodge, Sawtooth City, Idaho

Butterfly and Sun Post Sculptures by John Rivera, Annapolis, Maryland

Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, California

Nosy the Brontosaurus, Austin, Texas

Tiny Landscape, Oakland, California

Would you like to submit yard art for possible exhibition on this site? Please visit our Submissions page to learn how.


At November 6, 2009 11:20 AM, Blogger Lifeshighway said...

you tempt me with some of these photos.


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