More Poems

by Adam Sass

“You can make reservations to swim with the dolphins…”

                                         - A Visitor’s Guide to the Yucatan

Thank God it’s turned out this way,
Nature finally the grand dispatcher,
Calendar keeper, accountant, maitre d’ -
Nature finally the cashier of our dreams.

With two day’s notice a monkey
Will appear in the trees overhead
To shake the branches
And shriek invective.

Bring your camera –
The lighting will be excellent.

Call ahead and a baby elephant
Will greet you at the parking lot
And douse your car with water
From its dear little trunk.

And at nightfall the treefrogs
Will commence their songs
By appointment.

Who can put a price on such memories?

Do not hesitate to inquire
If you would like a whale
To surface beside the boat,

Or a gorilla to rush
From the undergrowth
Beating its chest,

Or a horse and donkey
To conceive a mule
Before your very eyes.

Or when it comes to that
(And doesn’t it always?)
A heart attack in your sleep,
And outside the window
A mourning dove
To coo its condolences
Right on time.